Infidelity Testing

Is Your Spouse Cheating on You?

Is Your Spouse Cheating on You?

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Maybe you heard your spouse was at a bar with someone of the opposite sex, or maybe you found suspicious text messages on their phone. You'll need solid evidence to prove that your spouse is cheating on you. Choose A Pineda Polygraph Services for infidelity polygraph testing services in Glendora, CA. Our polygraph testing can help you obtain the evidence you need to file for divorce.

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Emotions can cloud your judgement, making it easy to read too much into a situation. Because we're an objective third party and use state-of-the-art technology, we can give you a clearer picture of your relationship.

To find out if your spouse is cheating or struggling with addiction, we can...

Hook them up to a computer polygraph system, or to an analog one
Ask your spouse questions that you deserve to know the answer to
Analyze the results to figure out if your spouse was telling the truth

Although we don't offer sexual addiction counseling services ourselves, we can work hand-in-hand with your marriage or sexual addiction counseling expert. Call 626-905-4660 now for details.