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We Can Do More Than the Typical Polygraph Examiner

We Can Do More Than the Typical Polygraph Examiner

Learn more about our commercial polygraph services in Glendora, CA

Although polygraph testing is primarily used in criminal and domestic investigations, it can also benefit business owners. In employment matters, an employer needs to contact a labor attorney regarding testing of employees only under specific circumstances.

The Employee Polygraph Protection Act has changed the methods and protections that employees have under federal Statutes. There are time constraints and notification procedures that employers must undergo.

Fortunately, A Pineda Polygraph Services offers commercial polygraph services in the Glendora, CA area. We will assist you in accomplishing this legal area of testing with the appropriate forms and extensive explanations to adhere to the federal regulations.

Employee polygraph testing might help you find out...

  • If an employee is embezzling money
  • Whether a recent robbery was an inside job
  • If your employees are gossiping about confidential matters

With our help, you can get to the bottom of any issue with your business. Contact us today to learn more about our commercial polygraph services.

Ernest Pineda is a former police officer, so he has the knowledge and technology needed to investigate internal issues with your business. To find out how he can help you uncover the truth, call 626-905-4660 now to schedule employee polygraph testing services in Glendora, CA.