Court-Appointed Cases

Reliable Polygraph Testing

Reliable Polygraph Testing

Get court-appointed polygraph testing services in Glendora, CA

You can't count on a suspect to tell the truth. Wondering if they're hiding something? Turn to A Pineda Polygraph Services for court-appointed polygraph testing services in the Glendora, CA area. We can use state-of-the-art technology to find out the truth.

Mr. Pineda, who is a former police officer, has...

  • Over 50 years of experience conducting polygraph tests
  • Computer and analog polygraph systems to help uncover the truth
  • A reputation for working well with attorneys and government entities

We can bring our equipment to your law office, a federal detention center or wherever your suspect is in custody. Call 626-905-4660 now to arrange for immigration polygraph testing services.

Judges often require polygraph testing in criminal cases to help determine if a defendant is guilty. Polygraph testing also helps with immigration cases, because it can help determine whether someone entered the U.S. legally.

If you need more evidence to support your case, reach out today to schedule court-appointed polygraph testing services. We specialize in immigration polygraph testing.