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About Pineda Investigation in Glendora & Southern, CA

Welcome to A Pineda Private Investigation & Polygraph Service. I have been providing expert services in California and throughout the United States and out of the country since 1984. I have special expertise in criminal investigations and Polygraph testing. I utilize the most current methods and equipment in conducting these services for you.

  • Mr. Pineda retired from the Los Angeles Police Department.
  • Mr. Pineda Graduated from the National Academy of Lie Detection in 1984. The National Academy of Lie Detection was a California Board of Education Certified School and is certified by the American Polygraph Association and the National Polygraph Association.
  • In 1986 Mr. Pineda was nominated and served as the VP of the California Association of Polygraph Scientist
  • Mr. Pineda has appeared in Latin television programs discussing Identity theft and marriage and family matters.
  • A member of the Professional Investigators of California.
  • Mr. Pineda was the past VP of the California Association of Polygraph Sciences in 1986.
  • Mr. Pineda was hired as an expert consultant as a polygraph examiner by a police agency in a sexual assault case litigation. With the assistance of Mr. Pineda the agency was found not liable in the described case.
  • Mr. Pineda has conducted in excess of 15,000 polygraph examinations in both English and Spanish.
  • Mr. Pineda has attended numerous continuing education seminars, conferences and classes. The most recent was a 3 day continuing education program in Las Vegas, NV. He maimaintains professionalism and certification by continuing education in various areas of lie detection and investigative techniques. Some of the areas of education are, polygraph investigation, interviewing, interrogation, specific interviewing techniques for sexual assault suspects, child sexual abuse suspects and immigration polygraph testing for federal hearings.
  • Mr. Pineda has testified in federal court at Sussanville, on the admissibility of the polygraph procedure.
  • Mr. Pineda has conducted Quality Control services for attorneys for polygraph procedures conducted by other examiners.

    • NOTE: When seeking professional polygraph services please verify any credentials that the examiners give you. Prior to undertaking the services of any examiner. Make an appointment and verify for yourself that the examiner that represents to be certified actually has the background and experience as he or she represents

Please feel free to explore my site to find out more about me and the professional services I offer. If you have any questions about our services, contact us via phone or email. We will give you as much pertinent information about your inquiry and the services that you require. If you need to talk to us personally, we can meet you at our office. Make an appointment today!

Our Testimonials

I reached out to Ernest Pineda for his polygraph investigation services. I went regarding a delicate personal matter. He engaged with myself and the other party professionally and transparently before and after our appointment. I suggest that you give him a call; he will answer all your questions! Ernest clearly explained the process and provided support throughout the entire appointment. He was very knowledgeable about his work and straightforward (even if the person does not pass). If you need to know the truth about your situation or just need these services, I would definitely recommend Ernest Pineda Polygraph Investigation. I think this service was worth the time and money in order to get the truth and make an informed decision about your situation.

Kaoma Garcia


Extremely reliable and professional. Mr. Pineda, a retired LAPD, officer knows what he is doing. Even though I gave him a hard time due to stress was extremely helpful and he possibly saved my marriage of 8 years. I can't thank him enough. He went the extra mile and counseled me as well. If you need the truth look no further.

Brandon Spencer


"To whom it may concern"

As the owner of several restaurants in the QSR segment, for more than twenty years, I have experinced multiple instances of employment theft, embezzlement and alleged sexual harassment claims. I have known Ernie Pineda, my private investigator, since 1989 and have engaged him ot help resolve these situations, which he did effectively and professionally. In one instance recovering an estimated $80,000 in losses that would have gone undiscovered.

Mr. Pineda is an excellent investigator with exceptional instincts and I have relied on him over all these years to help with my security issues. I have no hesitation in recomending his services to anyone who has any security issues or needs the services of a private investigator.

Best Wishes.