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Get Trusted and Experienced Polygraph Examiners and Lie Detection test Facilitators in Los Angeles, CA

Welcome: A Pineda Investigation and Polygraph Services, providing top-notch lie detection test and professional polygraph services for clients in all of the southern California area. 

Our polygraph examiners and series of lie detection tests assist law firms, police investigations, and private investigators in Los Angeles, CA with all their case and legal requirements. As experienced polygraph examiners, we practice the highest standards for our lie detection tests in the Los Angeles area, making sure that our test results are credible and precise. 

For all your lie detection test needs and professional polygraph examiner requirements in Los Angeles, CA, please CALL US and our examiners and test facilitators will assist you immediately. 

Lie Detector Testing in Glendora, CA | A Pineda Investigation
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Polygraph Testing in Los Angeles, CA | A Pineda Investigation
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Get Trusted and Experienced Polygraph Examiners and Lie Detection test Facilitators in Los Angeles, CA

Our Glendora, CA-based polygraph examiners and lie detection test services have been in existence since 1982. We conduct professional investigations and Polygraph Service (Lie Detection) for various communities in Los Angeles, Glendora & Southern CA. Mr. Pineda's past experiences in law enforcement and continuing education in the Lie Detector/polygraph examiner field gives you, the client, the best experience you expect to receive on your requested lie detection/polygraph examiner services in Los Angeles, CA. 

Besides Los Angeles, CA, our certified polygraph examiner/lie detection test facilitator have conducted private investigations throughout the United States, Mexico and Brazil. We can always accommodate special requests from clients when it comes to locations, so please call our office first to inquire about our test locations and availability of our professional examiners. 

Lie Detection Test in Brazil

Note: The case in Brazil, Rio De Janeiro was conducted several years ago. The language in Brazil is Portuguese, a mixture of French, German and Spanish languages. I had to study the language for 60 days on a daily basis in order to get a moderate grasp of the language prior to conducting the polygraph examinations along with the use of an interpreter assigned. I am proud to say that all of the information that you find in this website is factual. Though I have now been left with a very basic grasp of the language spoken in Brazil as I have not spoken the said language in many years.

Polygraph Investigation
Polygraph Investigation

More About Our Polygraph Examiners in Southern California 

Each Lie Detector Polygraph examiner of the company has prior law enforcement experience. We have over 50 years of Private Investigator experience and have access to many colleagues in different fields of expertise. Rest assured we are capable of assisting you in your investigations throughout Los Angeles, Glendora and South CA. 

We only hire experienced polygraph testers/examiners for all our cases may it be a small legal case or a high profile legal battle. We are confident that our services are conducted in the strictest professional standards and our examiners are always on top of their field of expertise. 

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