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Can I be in the polygraph room to watch and listen while you administer the polygraph test?

I'll answer this question with a question. If it was you taking the polygraph, is there any chance what you said or did in a polygraph test would be influenced by your accuser sitting in the room watching and listening to everything you said and did? Think about the awkward feelings you already have around one another in your everyday lives because of the situation.

The answer to being in the polygraph suite to watch is “No” simply because it adds a possible source of outside influence on the test and the goal of any test is to eliminate as many sources of distraction as possible. Also, many people choose to finally 'unload' the truth or make additional admissions during a polygraph test because people hiding the truth desire, on a deeper level, to have that burden lifted. Your being present during the actual testing may actually sabotage getting the ground level truth you desire. With that said, the partner not taking the examination needs to wait in our quite comfortable lobby.

At an additional cost the entire interview with the person taking the actual test can be audio recorded with their permission and a copy can be released after the examination with their permission. Note that the permission has to be given by the examinee to record anything and no recording will be made secretly.

How long does the test last?

Most testing processes last no less than 1.5 hours. Some can undergo up to 2 or more hours. Because of standardization practices that are required to assure that you understand explicitly.

Can I just go to the office to take my test?

No. Scheduling with a polygraph examiner is required at least 24 hours in advance. We may require that you verify your scheduled appointment once the examination information is gathered and a test has been scheduled.

How does the lie detector work?

The scientific process of Lie Detection utilizes instrument(s) that record physiological reactions to questioning that is pertinent to the case facts that are being Investigated. The instrument(s) record at least breathing, blood pressure and sweat gland activity. (with the computerized polygraph instrument there are various other recording modules that can or may be recorded) The examiner will give you more information about how the components attached to your body work, how the instrument works and why your body responds to relevant questioning.

How accurate is the polygraph procedure?

The polygraph procedure and the instruments accuracy is dependent on several factors.
1st and foremost is the training of the polygraph examiner. To become a polygraph examiner enrollment in a certified polygraph school is required. Certification of schools is conducted by the American Polygraph Association.
2nd an examiner has to conduct an internship verifying that he can conduct polygraph examinations professionally as per instruction of the school(s) attended and American Polygraph Association guidelines. This internship is served under a experienced examiner that is able to provide guidance and mentoring to the intern during this continuing education internship program.
3rd an examiner that conducts himself and his business in a professional manner continues his education in pertinent areas of education in polygraph testing. There are states that require licensing for polygraph examiners. The state of California had a licensing law requirement prior to the passage of the Employee Polygraph Protection Act of 1988. After the passage of the EPPA this examiner was licensed in the state of California.
4th the polygraph procedure's accuracy can be affected by the subject, by subject countermeasures and various other subject factors. These important issues are addressed at length by the examiner during the pre test interview.
Answer: In scientific studies the polygraph procedure has been deemed to be 95-98 % accurate.

Do I have to take the polygraph test, can I be forced to take the test?

No. A person cannot be forced to take a polygraph examination under any circumstance. In employee testing, there are certain legal requirements for employers to undertake before an employee is asked to take a polygraph test. An Employer must give you a 48 hour written notification of the reason that you are being asked to take the examination. In private, domestic or family type relevant issue exams an examiner will ask you to sign a voluntary consent form before you take an examination. You can stop the examination at any point of the polygraph interview.

How many questions can I ask?

A polygraph test consists of 4 relevant questions. Relevant questions are the important questions that a subject must be truthful to. A testing procedure has 10 questions per chart and a complete test consists of 3 charts. In issues where there are several relevant issues 2 examinations may be required. The testing procedures are scientifically structured. Any modification of the procedure can have un productive effects.

Can I find out if my spouse has been faithful?

Yes. Polygraph examiners receive requests for this type of examination. When the examination is structured in the manner the test is intended to be used, the results can be conclusively determined of an individuals fidelity. The examiner can advise you as to the structuring of the questioning that should be undertaken. Remember you only need to know the fidelity, not names, number of times or where it happened. Will it really matter in your decision in your marriage and trust of your spouse? The only thing that would be relevant with this type of examination would be questions regarding, grooming someone else for a future intimate relationship, intimacy with anyone else and actual sexual acts.
Grooming: grooming is used to mean an intent by an individual to start a relationship with the intent of evolving that relationship into some future romantic relationship.
Intimate: intimate is used to ascertain if an individual has had some form of romantic relationship short of actual sexual intercourse. This intimacy is explained in specific terms with the subject taking the test. Actual sexual activity: This questioning is self explained.

What kind of instrument do you use?

Our agency uses either the Lafayette Analog Polygraph instrument or the Stoelting CPS II Computer Polygraph Instrument. Both systems of polygraph instrument are accurate to 95-98%.

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Word of thanks to the following individuals and or organizations:

Cleve Backster:

Mr. Backster is one of the founders of the polygraph profession. He has contributed time and education to many prominent examiners. I have attended various conferences and classes given by the Backster School of Lie Detection and have never been disappointed by the professionalism he and his staff have.

Ted Ponticelli: I graduated from The National Academy of Lie Detection in 1984. I owe the knowledge and continued experiences to this educator. Thanks Ted.

Walt Green: Walt was an instructor in the National Academy of Lie Detection from which I graduated. Walt was the instructor that actually engrained into my mind the use of the control question. A vivid picture still is in my mind of what the importance is of the control question and what it does in the mind of the innocent and the deceptive individual.

Mr. Gene Cella: I have known Mr. Cella for over 25 years. We work together and we have discussion sessions over lunch. Every polygraph examiner needs an outlet for case discussion, quality control and just plain comradre. Mr. Cella has been that friend and associate. Thanks Mr. Cella.

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